Dr. Paul L. Hokemeyer (Dr. Paul) is an internationally renowned clinical and consulting psychotherapist who works with individuals and families in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and the European Union. A member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, he received his certification as a Clinical Trauma Professional and is licensed in New York State as a Marriage and Family Therapist.
In addition to holding a Ph.D. in psychology, Dr. Paul holds a doctorate in law, a B.A. in economics and a M.A. in clinical psychology with a focus on family dynamics. Dr. Paul’s academic and clinical research, in which he explores the culture of wealth and celebrity has been published by Lambert Academic Press, The Journal of Wealth Management and is the topic of an upcoming book to be published by Hazelden and distributed by Simon & Schuster, summer 2018.
Dr. Paul has become one of the world’s most sought after media experts for his on-air work on CNN International, Al Jeezara, Good Morning America, FOX News, and the Today Show. He is frequently quoted as an expert by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, Market Watch, WebMD, London’s Daily Mail, Men’s Health International, Prevention, Women’s Day, Yahoo, and others.




Dr. Paul approaches his work through the Socratic method of inquiry. He applies a linear, solution focused process to distill and resolve complex and nuanced personal and relational dynamics. He rejects the notion of psychotherapy as a lifelong endeavor that meanders randomly. His unique approach has established him as thought leader in the field of behavioral health, made him a highly effective patient and family advocate and a valued clinician to the world’s most prominent and successful individuals and families.
Dr. Paul has extensive experience in successfully treating the following:

  • Issues relating to celebrity, power and success.
  • Inter-family dynamics and conflicts.
  • Personality disorders including narcissism, dependent and borderline personality disorders.
  • Substance abuse including alcoholism, prescription drug dependence, and opiate addiction.
  • Infidelity including physical and emotional infidelity.
  • Issues relating to divorce and other life transitions.
  • Intimacy issues including those relating to sexless marriages, sexual orientation, and sexual compulsivity.
  • Self-betrayal including toxic attachment and underachievement.

Dr. Paul serves as a patient and family advocate to high profile and high performing families in their quest for optimum and clinically appropriate addiction and behavioral health treatment. Dr. Paul’s affiliate offices, trusted colleagues and recommended treatment providers include:

Caroline Curtis Dolby: Psychotherapist, Founder Belgravia Therapy Limited: London, United Kingdom (www.belgraviatherapy.com)

Phoenix Adams: Managing Director Caron Ocean Drive: Boca Raton, Florida, United States (www.caronoceandrive.org)

Jan Gerber: Managing Director Paracelsus Recovery: Zurich, Switzerland (www.paracelsus-recovery.com)

Michael Rowlands: Partner, Family Lawyer Kingsley Napley, LLP: London, United Kingdom (www.kingsleynapley.co.uk)

Mandy Saligari: Clinical Director, Founder Charter Harley Street: London, United Kingdom (www.charterharleystreet.com)




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As an internationally recognized expert on the treatment of addictive disorders, I’m frequently asked, “what does it take for a person to stop using?” My answer is the same whether I’m talking to a wife in Manhattan, a mother in London or a son in Dubai. A person starts the journey of recovery they stop externalizing their problems and tap into their inner strengths and resources.
In this eBook, I address the top nine reasons people who suffer from addiction use to avoid getting the help they need. I hope you or someone you love will find it useful.





Dr. Paul discusses celebrities and addiction treatment for iCAAD

Death in the Spotlight: Why celebrities fail to get the care they need. A conversation between Dufflyn Lammers, Director of European Services for Connections in Recovery and Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, internationally renowned expert on the treatment of addictive and mental health disorders among celebrities and elite patient populations. DL: I wonder what it is about fame that makes it so hard to resist, and even harder to give up? Kids don't say anymore they want to be a famous doctor or a famous athlete or a famous singer, they just say they want to be famous. PH: Fame is addictive. Like an opioid, it seduces and destroys. This is because even the slightest taste of fame causes the reward centers of our brain to release an intoxicating cocktail of dopamine and endorphins. And just like other addictions, the phenomena of tolerance and withdrawal sets in to make us crave more

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Addictions in Wealthy Families: Cutting them off doesn’t work.

by Dr. Paul Hokemeyer While most treatment professionals acknowledge that addictive disorders don’t discriminate based on socioeconomic class, too few are able to negotiate the unique dynamics that arise in the context of ultra high net worth (UHNW) families. This unfortunate trend continues in spite of evidence indicating these families suffer from addictive and mental health disorders at astronomical rates. A recent study by Campden Wealth, one of the world’s most prestigious financial services companies, found that of the families it serves, 71% have an addictive or mental health disorder. To combat the destruction that accompanies these afflictions, families must intervene in a way that is embraced by the person needing help. In this article, I will discuss how wealth can be used to motivate patients rather than push them deeper into the clutches of their disease. Through this approach, patients will enter treatment with the proper state of mind

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Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

In this article by Stephanie Booth for Cafemom.com, Dr. Paul discusses the top three signs of an opiate addiction: Let's say you're in some pain. Maybe you're recovering from surgery. Or perhaps it's due to a medical condition that you simply can't get a handle on. At some point, you're going to be offered prescription painkillers. Damn straight, they'll get rid of your pain. But there is a significant -- and terrifying -- cost. What cost, you ask? Addiction and even accidental death. Of course, you never bargain for either, you just want your pain to END already. But women are more likely than men to be prescribed these dangerous drugs, and become dependent on them faster. Here's everything you need to know about prescription painkillers, including how to stay safe if you absolutely must take them. What, exactly, are opioids? Simply put, they're drugs that act on your nervous

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  • À propos du docteur Paul

    Le docteur Paul L. Hokemeyer (Dr. Paul) est un psychothérapeute clinique et consultatif de renommée internationale qui travaille avec des individus et des familles aux États-Unis, au Royaume-Uni, aux Émirats Arabes Unis et à l’Union Européenne. Membre de l’Association Américaine pour les Thérapeutes du Mariage et de la Famille, il a reçu sa certification en tant que professionnel du traumatisme clinique et est titulaire d’une licence en tant que thérapeute de mariage et de famille aux New York State. En plus de détenir un doctorat en psychologie, le docteur Paul détient un doctorat en droit, un B.A. en économie et un M.A. en psychologie clinique en mettant l’accent sur la dynamique familiale.

    La recherche académique et clinique du Dr. Paul, dans laquelle il explore la culture de la richesse et de la célébrité, a été publiée par Lambert Academic Press, The Journal of Wealth Management et est l’objet d’un prochain livre à publier par Hazelden et distribué par Simon & Schuster, eté 2018. Dr. Paul est devenu l’un des experts des médias les plus recherchés au monde pour son travail sur le CNN International, Al Jeezara, Good Morning America, FOX News et The Today Show. Il est fréquemment cité comme expert par The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News et World Report, Market Watch, WebMD, Daily Mail de Londres, Women’s Health International, Prevention, Women’s Day, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan et autres.


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  • Expertise clinique

    Le docteur Paul s’approche de son travail à travers la méthode Socratic. Il applique un processus linéaire axé sur la solution pour distiller et résoudre des dynamiques personnelles et relationnelles complexes et nuancées. Il rejette la notion de psychothérapie comme un effort de toute une vie qui serpente au hasard. Son approche unique l’a établi en tant que chef de file dans le domaine de la santé comportementale, l’a fait un défenseur de patients et de famille très efficace et un clinicien apprécié pour les personnes et les familles les plus en vue et les plus prospères du monde.

    Dr. Paul a une vaste expérience dans le traitement efficace de ce qui suit:

    • Problèmes liés à la célébrité, au pouvoir et à la réussite.

    • Dynamique et conflits inter-familiaux.

    • Troubles de la personnalité, y compris le narcissisme, les troubles de la personnalité et de la limite de la personnalité.

    • L’abus de substances, y compris l’alcoolisme, la dépendance aux médicaments d’ordonnance et la dépendance aux opiacés.

    • Infidélité avec infidélité physique et émotionnelle.

    • Questions relatives au divorce et à d’autres transitions de vie.

    • Problèmes d’intimité, y compris ceux relatifs aux mariages sans-sexe, à l’orientation sexuelle et à la compulsivité sexuelle.

    • Auto-trahison, y compris l’attachement toxique et l’inadéquation.

    En outre, le Dr. Paul sert de défenseur des patients et de la famille à des familles de haut niveau et de haut niveau dans leur quête d’un traitement optimal et cliniquement approprié de la toxicomanie et de la santé comportementale.

    Les bureaux affiliés du Dr Paul, les collègues de confiance et les fournisseurs de traitement recommandés comprennent:

    Caroline Curtis Dolby: Psychothérapeute, fondatrice Belgravia Therapy Limited Londres, Royaume-Uni (www.belgraviatherapy.com)

    Phoenix Adams: Directeur général Caron Ocean Drive: Boca Raton, Floride, États-Unis (www.caronoceandrive.org)

    Jan Gerber: Directeur général Récupération Paracelsus: Zurich, Suisse (www.paracelsus-recovery.com)

    Michael Rowlands: Associé, Avocat Familial Kingsley Napley, LLP: Londres, Royaume-Uni (www.kingsleynapley.co.uk)

    Mandy Saligari: Directeur Clinique, Fondateur Charter Harley Street: Londres, Royaume-Uni (www.charterharleystreet.com)


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