December 3, 2012 main

Signs and Symptoms of Habitual Liars

Ugh. We all know at least one. Those people who lie all the time for no apparent reason. Why do folks do this and what to look for in figuring out who is a habitual liar?

Symptoms of habitual liars:
1) Low self esteem: They don’t feel good enough so they create lives based on fiction
2) Narcissism: They need to be the center of the universe and important.
3) Tend towards sociopathic personalities: Feel other people don’t matter and that the end justifies the means.

Signs of habitual lairs:
1) Body language: Little to no eye contact. Rigid posture when lying.
2) Difficulty maintaining intimate relationships: Constantly cycling though friends and acquaintances.
3) Strained relationships with family members.
4) Gypsy like behaviors: Frequently change jobs, neighborhoods, cities, circles of friends.

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