Dr. Paul Hokemeyer (pronounced Hoke-a-Meyer), J.D., Ph.D. is based in Los Angeles, New York City, and Telluride, CO where he maintains a private clinical practice and serves as the Senior Clinical Fellow at Caron Ocean Drive. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, he is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists and a certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

In addition to holding a PhD in Psychology and being a certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Dr. Hokemeyer holds a doctorate in law and worked as corporate attorney prior to becoming a clinician. His academic and clinical research, in which he explores the topics of success, power, celebrity and wealth has been published by Lambert Academic Press, The Journal of Wealth Management, Private Wealth, Addiction Professional, Family Therapy Magazine, and the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Dr. Hokemeyer has become known as “America’s Marriage and Family Therapist” for his on-air, on-line and print media work on the Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, FOX News, CNN, the Today Show, Katie, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, Market Watch, WebMD, Men’s Health, Women’s Day, YahooShine, Cosmopolitan, and others. He is also a FOX News Analyst.




Dr. Hokemeyer has extensive experience in successfully treating the following addictive, identity, adjustment and personality disorders:

  • Substance abuse including alcoholism, prescription drug dependence, and opiate addiction.
  • Infidelity including Internet infidelity and emotional infidelity.
  • Sexual issues including those relating to BDSM, sexual orientation, sexual anorexia, and sexual compulsivity.
  • Male Eating Disorders including bulimia and binge eating.
  • Sudden Wealth Syndrome including issues relating to celebrity, power and success.
  • Bereavement issues including loss of a parent, professional disruption, life transitions and divorce.
  • Self-Betrayal including co-dependency, toxic attachment and underachievement.





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Addiction Treatment for the Wealthy

Jan Gerber, founder and director of Paracelsus Recovery, one of the world's most exclusive treatment facilities located in Zurich, Switzerland, draws on Dr. Hokemeyer's research and experience in working with patents of wealth, power and celebrity to underpin the clinical expertise of his program. Addiction Treatment for the Wealthy by Jan Gerber, 01.10.2014 Wealthy addicts need just as much help as their lower income counterparts, and they are just as deserving, but often find it more difficult to find adequate treatment. Many people are conditioned to believe that wealthy, powerful people are lucky, self-indulgent individuals enjoying perfect lives, or that wealthy people reside on Easy Street where there are no problems and no worries. The truth is that money doesn’t eliminate difficulties or heal wounds. Men and women of wealth are susceptible to their share of problems and some may struggle with alcoholism, prescription drug dependence, gambling, eating disorders and other

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Privilege and Adolescent Addictions

Privilege and Adolescent Additions: Treating Substance Abuse Disorders in a Culture of Money, Success and Status.   By Paul Leslie Hokemeyer, JD, PhD Perhaps the most prevalent cultural myth in America is that money and professional success are salves that heal what ails us. But when substance abuse strikes in a culture of affluence, the American dream of wealth and power quickly turns into a seemingly unmanageable nightmare. This article will address the treatment of affluent adolescents who suffer from substance abuse disorders through a family systems approach. This approach considers not just the “problem adolescent,” but also the family dynamic within which the adolescent is raised. To accomplish this objective, the major psychosocial risks that are unique to adolescents from affluent families as well as the challenges faced by the professionals who treat them will be addressed. Finally, through a case study, this article will provide a real life

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When an introvert loves an extrovert: Or the other way around

In this article for CafeMom.com's The Stir, Dr. Paul shares his thoughts on finding deep in lasting love in the game of opposites attract with Stephanie Booth. You can connect to the original article here http://thestir.cafemom.com/love_sex/197767/when_youre_an_extrovert_your and find the full article reprinted below: When You're and Extrovert & Your Partner's Not by Stephanie Booth for CafeMom.com's The Stir. Your idea of a fun night involves karaoke, dancing, and chatting up strangers at a communal table at a restaurant. Your partner? Turning off his phone and reading in bed. It's so endearing when two people with totally different personalities meet cute and fall in love, but the day-to-day relationship that follows can be -- well, slightly tricky. "While it's true that opposites do attract, they can also grow weary of one another," admits Paul Hokemeyer, JD, PhD, a licensed marriage and family therapist who works out of New York City, Los

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As an internationally recognized expert on the treatment of addictive disorders, I’m frequently asked, “what does it take for a person to stop using?” My answer is the same whether I’m talking to a family in rural Colorado, a wife in Manhattan, a mother in London or a son in Dubai. A person starts the journey of recovery they stop externalizing their problems and tap into their inner strengths and resources.
In this eBook, I address the top nine reasons people who suffer from addiction use to avoid getting the help they need. I hope you or someone you love will find it useful.





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